Air bag calf compression leg massager

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The calf massager is based on a gentle air flow that gently compresses and relaxes the muscles. This has the positive effect of stimulating and relaxing the areas to be massaged. It is perfect for active athletes after intensive training, as well as for people who spend most of their time in a sitting position. Thanks to this device, the legs become lighter, more relaxed and ready for new challenges every day.

Systematic use of the massager effectively reduces swelling, relaxes calf muscles and effectively alleviates feelings of muscle stiffness and pain. This translates into increased living comfort and improved overall well-being.

Thecalf muscle massager is a device designed for home use. The massage device can be used in sports, rehabilitation, body care and for beauty enhancement .

It effectively aids recovery from injuries and intensive training by stimulating blood circulation and accelerating metabolic processes. This in turn promotes faster tissue healing and natural repair of the body. It provides invaluable support for athletes, people recovering from illnesses and those who lead active lives.

It effectively relieves the symptoms of "heavy legs" that often occur after intense physical exertion. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, restoring lightness to the legs. Thanks to the built-in warm-up function, the device gently heats the body, putting it in a state of deep relaxation, maximising the effectiveness of the other functions of the massager.

Equipped with 3 modes with 3 levels of intensity depending on the need for a gentle or more intense massage.

Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps , it can be freely adapted to the user's individual needs and preferences


✅ Relaxation

✅ Muscle fatigue

✅ Reduces swelling

✅ Promotes recovery after injury and training

✅ For post-traumatic pains

✅ Reduces fatigue and the "heavy legs" effect


✅ Product code: 24423

Air massage

3 intensity levels

3 steps of heating control

6 steps of massage speed

✅ Switches off after 15 minutes' operation

✅ Power supply: rechargeable

Charging via USB type C cable

✅ Power: 7.5W

For home use

✅ Overall dimensions: 57cm x 31cm

✅ Product is CE certified


☑️ Factory new calf muscle massager

☑️ USB cable

☑️ Original packaging

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Kategorie: Zdraví a krása
Kód výrobce: 24423
EAN kód: 5907451346211
Barva: Grey
Počet kusů v hlavním kartonu (sleva): 30
Šířka výrobku v centimetrech: 17
Délka zboží v centimetrech: 30,5
Země původu: Čína
Celková hmotnost v gramech: 680
Price_from_quantity_price1: 2
Varianty Nazev: univerzální

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